A Minetest modpack focused on stability, originally designed for the LOH Minetest server.
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A Minetest game focused on stability and completion, originally designed for the LOH Minetest server.


Unlike most games, this doesn't just work out of the box. You will need to run update.sh to properly build the mod. What this does is download the latest versions of all the mods included in the pack.

Once this is done, the game folder will contain the complete game. It is recommended that you create a symlink in your mods folder to this directory, eg using ln -s [REPO_PATH]/game ~/.minetest/games/comtest.

Mod list

Provided in git-mods.txt. In fact, editing this file will change what mods are installed! Note that you can also put modpacks in here; since Minetest doesn't support nested modpacks, they will be automatically unpacked. Don't worry, they'll still be updated just like regular mods. Unpacking entire games is also supported.


Some mods needs special configuration, or perhaps might even be broken out of the box. Fortunately, update.sh applies any patches left in the patches/ directory after cloning/pulling the mod repositories.

You can generate more patches using diff -Naur. Note that patches are applied from the repository root. After generating the patch, simply drop it into patches/ with the extension .patch, and any name you like.


Sometimes you want to use a specific commit from a mod, or a particular release. To do this, add a git submodule in submods/. It will be automatically loaded in during the build process just like any other mod. Note that mods added this way will not be updated, and you should only add mods this way if, for whatever reason, you don't want them to be updated.

Patches are a much more robust solution, use them in place of submodules whenever possible!


This game has no versions. It's like a rolling release distro, except it's a sinful Lua program instead of a distro.